Initial Applicants

Credentialing and Privileging Process

The initial credentialing and privileging process has many steps and detailed requirements, but on a high level, includes the following:

  1. An applicant must submit an application request form. Two emails will be sent to the practitioner at the email address provided on the application request form that will include login instructions to the ‘Practitioner Home Page’ where electronic application forms can be accessed and completed.
  2. When all required forms are completed, Credentialing Staff in the FSCO will be assigned the application to assure completion of all required documents, verifications, and privilege criteria.
  3. Requests for information will be communicated to the applicant by email from the Credentialing Staff. Various departments may also be in contact with the applicant, such as Recruitment, Human Resources, Provider Enrollment, Department Contacts, and Employee Occupational Health Services. Requests from other departments may be similar to the information requested by the FSCO but may be needed for other non-credentialing purposes.
  4. After all verifications and required documents have been received, the application is reviewed by a Quality Reviewer in the FSCO. After an application is reviewed and deemed complete, it is sent to each entity where privileges and/or credentialing is being requested. Applicants are notified via email when their application is being sent for the review and approval process.
  5. Next, the application is reviewed by a Medical Staff Coordinator at each entity that privileges and/or credentialing were requested. When this is complete, the application is sent to the Department Chair/Clinic Council/Credentials Reviewer for review and recommendation, then to the Credentials Committee for review and recommendation, then to the Medical Executive Committee (if applicable), and finally to the entity(ies) Board for approval (if applicable). 
  6. When approval has been granted, the Medical Staff Office at each entity sends a Board Letter to notify applicants of the details of their approval and effective date at that entity.
  7. After approval has been granted, practitioners may begin caring for patients within the scope of their approval.
  8. Practitioners are expected to read the Bylaws from each entity they are practicing and be familiar with what is required and expected of them. This information will be provided at the time of approval and is available on the Fairview Intranet.
  9. Practitioners with privileges need to be reappointed every 24 months and practitioners without privileges (FPA or BHP-only) need to be reappointed every 36 months.

Quick Links

Important Information for all Applicants

All credentialed practitioners are expected to read and be aware of the information contained in the following documents:

Required Learning and Immunizations

An attestation will be included with the Initial application packet for the provider to attest to having reviewed the education packet and completed required immunizations. 

Immunization Requirements

Fairview & UMP Employed Providers

Your immunization requirements will be taken care of during your pre-placement health screening. Your recruiter (UMP) or your onboarding coordinator (FV) will assist you with setting up this appointment. There's no need to submit documentation prior to your pre-placement exam.

    Healtheast Employed Providers

    Immunization compliance is required for all HealthEast employed practitioners. Please see below for requirements.

    1. Please use this form for information regarding immunization requirements.

    2. Email immunization documentation to HealthEast EOHS::

    All Other Providers*

    Immunization compliance is required for all practitioners. Please follow the steps below as soon as possible to ensure the processing of your application is not delayed.

    1. Submit the required Immunization Attestation included with your electronic application.

    2. Please use the following form for information regarding immunization requirements.

    3. Email immunization documentation to Fairview EOHS: DEPT-EOHS- 

    *does not apply to FPA and/or BHP-only providers